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Are you prepared to move?

Who would have thought 18 months ago that the world that we live in today would look so different? It is different when one is trying to view things through fog tinted glasses and not the proverbial rose ones.

The last year has impacted us all differently and on different levels e.g. I now ensure that I don’t eat my breakfast before doing my lateral flow test – gagging is not beautiful! Down the throat and up the nose twice a week has become second nature; like putting on my make-up every morning. It’s the small ‘normal’ pre-Covid activities that help to craziness at bay. Who cares of no one can see my lipstick under my fashion conscience mask? It’s for me. No one else. It makes me feel like I can conquer the world. And, let’s face it, lipstick looks pretty good on Zoom…

How do you cope?

How do you face the world every day?

How do you navigate in a world where ‘normal’ in a bygone era would have been ‘abnormal’?

Listening to the radio one hears strangers chatting about what they are hoping for post-pandemic: Ladies waiting to wear bought, tagged clothes; Gents who want to meet that special person in the pub; festival goers hoping to party the weekend away; theatre lovers wanting to breathe in the excitement of a performance. And for many, the hope of a job.

Does your age/ career determine your thinking?

What is stopping you from changing or looking for a new path? Is it time to jump ship or just get back into the boat?

Now is your chance to jump or climb.

Now is your time to shine.

Now is your time to build.

Now is your time to make a difference…

Move. Leave the dingy and get aboard the cruise liner. It’s time to cast off.

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